Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aviva USA - LEED Gold Building

Aviva USA Des Moines, Iowa goes for the gold- resource from WORLD ARCHITECTURE NEWS.COM Tuesday 25, Jan 2011

Aviva USA headquarters becomes the largest LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified building in Iowa.

Among the project's features that contributed to Gold Certification are :

95% of employees have direct access to natural light
81% construction waste recycled and thus diverted from landfills
43% water savings
installation of low-flush water closets and urinals
low-flow sink aerotor and shower head fixtures
30% energy saving compared with a standard code-based building
occupancy and daylight sensing lighting controls in offices and conferences rooms
High performance, glazing, wall and roof systems.
Efficient indirect system lighting design
Hight efficiency water cooled chiller
Carbon dioxide sensing ventilation air control systems
Total energy recovery of ventilation air
27% materials quarried or purchased locally including Iowa limestone
18% recycle content value of construction materials.
The facility also offers priority parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles as well as for those employees who carpool.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

Salam New Year to all,

When the clock turns 12 on December 31st, the fire cracker shooting up on the sky and people from all over the world will cheer and wish each other. For some people the new year symbolize the beginning of a better tommorow. For some others, new year is not more than a change of the calender....well, whatever azam been created, and wherever celebration been organized, I will choose to look forward to a good year ahead. Pray for good for everybody and may happiness spread along peacefull, love and harmony..murahkan rezeki ku ya Allah dan sekalian saudara seislam ku..Moga kami hidup aman tenteram bersama-sama dengan yang lainnya.


Strata Tower - Abu Dhabi

Floor Area - 51 500 m sq

It is a 50 storey tower in the Al-Raha Beach development. The Tower's architecture is neither symbolic nor narrative, but rather seeks meaning through an abstract use of form and dynamic movement to work with the environment, the light, sea and atmospheres that envelop this magical place on the Arabian 'sea. The flow and movement of the surface affords the architecture its iconic status without being an overt gesture or building reliant on a set meaning or association. Rather, the mathematical procedures used not unlike those in the manifestation of the arabesque or abstract Islamic calligraphy afford the building its elegance and musicality.

Meant for luxurious residence, the building's design is also based on the flowing computer designed style of the New York architects. Despite the large number of buildings being erected in the UAE, few are as evocative of architectural quality as this one, a sign of the times surely because Abu Dhabi seems to have seen the interest of increasing the design excellence of its new structures.

Increasingly involved in interior and design. Asymptote has carried the exterior appearance of the building into the surprising flowing interiors.